Cafe Opera on Friday 13th & Feelgood fitness goodie bag

We´ve survived another Friday 13th! :) Cool! Yesterday at Cafe Opera event to promote Balance fitness & more! Check the goodie bag I´ve got!

Nice! The event was about promoting Balance trainning fitness center i Stockholm. God goodie bag! I think I am going to try them all!

Cafe Opera, one of the coolest place in Stockholm

The cool party! Some friends in the picture… I know who you are!! :)

The Dj at Opera. Cool! :)

Today I am going to take it easy…and it´s so cold I´d rather be at home. Well cool to be invited to nice parties with lots of goodie bags, don´t you think? I like the sponsors too. Good for Miss Lopez too! By the way, do you have tips about good sponsors for Miss Lopez blog?

I work so hard almost everyday I think I am going to try this fitness present card from Balance, to make me feel good!!!!

Viva fitness to fel good & Feelgood Womanhood!

and for even more balance in your life TRY; MISS LOPEZ STÄD you too!!! (in Stockholm, Sweden)

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