Nude long skirts for the spring by Miss Miranda [en]

Miss Miranda from Italy here again writing for you!

As you could read in the amazing interview that my matte and collaborator of Miss Lopez, Victoria Gómez, made me, I’ve been dancing ballet almost during my whole life. That’s maybe the main reason that I felt in love with the new Mango collection for spring and summer. It reminds me a lot about those costumes that I had to wear for the performances!!! And it brings really good memories to my mind ;) Also Mango is a Spanish brand so you know, just putting the Latin touch!

I love the movement of those skirts and also the t-shirts. The colours, in a nude scale are completely perfect for the new and expected season! Don’t you love them?

So let’s wait until I can wear something like this soon!! Viva good memories and feelgood Womanhood!

Tonight, another “serata” as I told you yesterday so have fun everyone!!

Ciao ciao


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